Below you can download ready-to-use Qemu and VirtualBox appliances for GNS3. These appliances can be used, for instance, as hosts for you Cisco topologies, to learn Linux based networking or even to study for Linux certification exams. Note that we cannot provide appliances based on copyrighted operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X.

VirtualBox Appliances

Qemu Appliances

GNS3 WorkBench

GNS3 WorkBench is a VMware image of Ubuntu with GNS3 and VPCS installed and a collection of exercises/labs. Just add VMware (should work with VirtualBox too) and your own Cisco IOS for an instant GNS3 WorkBench environment. This appliance is ideal for beginners wanting to discover GNS3 and its possibilities. Please visit Rednectar’s blog to learn how to use GNS3 WorkBench.

Live Raizo

Live Raizo is a Live Linux Debian to simulate networks and system administration experiments. It contains GNS3, VirtualBox, QEmu, VPCS and 18 Linux VirtualBox Guests (only names differ). It also includes minicom, Wireshark, as well as DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP and SSH servers. Services are not started automatically. Live Raizo is used by the CFA UTEC (a training centre) in Seine et Marne in France for networking and Linux administration classes. Note that Cisco IOS is not included. More information can be found here.