GNS3 1.0 beta 1

Our first beta of the new GNS3 has been released. Please visit to learn more.

Finally, please use the 0.8.7 version of the software for your production work as the first beta still has some issues and bugs.

Thanks and stay tuned!


New great howtos

Our friend over at has made some great howtos that we would like to share with you:

Cisco Virtual IOS on GNS3 VyOS x64 Installation on Qemu Running Mikrotik RouterOS x86 on GNS3 How to run Juniper Firefly Perimeter vSRX on GNS3


GNS3 0.8.7 released

We have a new minor release that fixes a couple of issues on Linux and Mac OS X. Most importantly this is the last release of GNS3 as it is, the new GNS3 behind actively developed and the beta release cycle starting in a few weeks.

We also updated / added software

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