GNS3 0.8.7 released

We have a new minor release that fixes a couple of issues on Linux and Mac OS X. Most importantly this is the last release of GNS3 as it is, the new GNS3 behind actively developed and the beta release cycle starting in a few weeks.

We also updated /

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New GNS3 1.0 alpha7 released

GNS3 Early Release 1.0 alpha7 is out and brings tons of new features. We are still a couple of alphas away from starting our beta release cycle but our users are already able to make impressive labs!

Change Log for Alpha 7 of v1.0

Packet capture for IOS routers. Packet capture for the

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Dynamips 0.2.12

A new version of Dynamips that fixes packet loss issues with multicast traffic has been released.

Details and download links can be found here.

A great thank you to our Dynamips maintainer and sporadic developer: Flávio.