Dynamips 0.2.12

A new version of Dynamips that fixes packet loss issues with multicast traffic has been released.

Details and download links can be found here.

A great thank you to our Dynamips maintainer and sporadic developer: Flávio.


Cisco IOS XRv and one more VMware Fusion howto

We would like to share 2 great news.

First news is about the release Cisco IOS XRv, an official IOS-XR appliance that runs in VMware and VirtualBox. This is excellent news for service provider students and some are already running it in GNS3. A better integration of IOS XRv is planned in the future

Read More of Cisco IOS XRv and one more VMware Fusion howto

End of Campaign and Thank You Letter to the GNS3 Community

Our crowdfunding campaign is coming to an end and we thought it would be best to give our thanks to the GNS3 community.

Please have a read: open thank you letter to the GNS3 community.

Thank you!