GNS3 0.8.4 RC2

GNS3 0.8.4 RC2 is now released. Because there are quite a lot of changes since RC1, we have decided to release one more release candidate version before a final 0.8.4.

You can download now GNS3 0.8.4 RC2 on sourceforge.

Please post your suggestions/comments on the forum and let us know if you find any issue.

Here is a quick list of the changes since RC1, without including bug fixes:

  • New hub device (yes for real!).
  • VPCS is included in DMG package on Mac OS X.
  • New Idlemax and Idlesleep settings (advanced manipulation of idlepc).
  • IOS image and settings test button.
  • New tips dialog to promote GNS3 products/videos/tutorials (totally optional and can be deactivated).
  • New Tool menu to start external scripts/tools. Should help users on Windows 8.
  • Qemu 1.3 has been removed from the all-in-one (not fully functional).

Thank you for your contribution!