CBT Nuggets - GNS3 Video Training Series

Our friends over at CBT Nuggets have just released a HUGE GNS3 training series. The “Definitive Guide to Working with GNS3” has over 10 hours of training. The series is the perfect way to kickstart your first GNS3 experience. Even if you are not a beginner, there are TONS of useful hints and tricks to help streamline GNS3.

And trainer Keith Barker does a great job of making those 10 hours quite enjoyable.

For New GNS3 Users:

  • Covers the basics on how to get GNS3 started on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Adding hosts with Virtual PC Simulator and VirtualBox
  • Troubleshooting Issues
  • L2 Ethernet Switching
  • ASA firewall
  • And lots more

For Advance GNS3 Users:

  • Connecting to Live Gear
  • Trunking and Tunneling
  • AWS Cloud Hosting
  • NTP and CA Routers
  • And even more

Want to see the CBT Nuggets Training in action? Check out their MicroNugget called:

“Tuning GNS3 to Avoid 100% CPU Utilization”

Check out their MicroNugget “Tuning GNS3 to Avoid 100% CPU Utilization” below!


Check it out now: CBT Nuggets GNS3 Training Series

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