• Jeremy Grossmann, project leader, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2008, graduated), France.
  • Flávio J. Saraiva, Dynamips developer, Portugal.

Community manager

  • Stephen Guppy, Canada.

Package maintainer

  • Daniel Lintott, England.

Former developers

These people have moved on from GNS3. We’re eternally grateful for their contributions.

  • Xavier Alt, Thamini, Luxembourg.
  • David Ruiz, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2008, graduated), France
  • Romain Lamaison, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2008, graduated), France
  • Aurélien Levesque, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2008, graduated), France
  • Michael Benichou, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2013), France.
  • Benjamin Marsili, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2013), France.
  • Marc Michel, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2013), France.
  • El-Golli Hassen, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2013), France.
  • Claire Goudjil, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2013), France.
  • Alexandre Millet, EPITECH Paris (Class of 2013), France.
  • Alexey Eromenko, alias “Technologov” from Israel.


  • Ninel Piroi from Bucharest, Romania
  • Mike Fuszner from St. Charles Community College, Cottleville, Missouri, USA
  • Greg Anuzelli from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Pavel Skovajsa from Slovakia
  • Christophe Fillot from the University of Technology of Compiegne, France
  • Jaakko Rautanen from Finland
  • Leonard Bernstein from USA
  • Randy Gallardo from Adamson University
  • Thomas Pani
  • Brent Endres


  • Erik Wenzel from Germany: German translation (code: de)
  • Huan Ji from Wuhan, China: Chinese translation (code: cn)
  • Jose Sen from Buenos Aires, Argentina: Spanish translation (code: es)
  • Mark Soe Min from Tokyo, Japan: Japanese translation (code: jp)
  • Aboulgasem Albusaifi from Tarabulus, Libya: Arabic translation (code: ar)
  • Marcio de Freitas Minicz from Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil: Brazilian-Portuguese translation (code: pt_br)
  • Hasan Agirol Aksoy from Antalya, Turkey: Turkish translation (code: tr)
  • Ivakin Dmitriy from Moscow, Russia: Russian translation (code: ru)
  • Hyeonjin Kim from Seoul, Korea: Korean translation (code: kr)
  • Pavel Skovajsa from Slovakia: Slovak translation (code: sk)
  • Michał Zieliński from Plock, Poland: Polish translation (code: pl)
  • Veljko Dzodic: Serbian translation (code: sr)
  • Abalfazl Meshki from Iran: Farsi translation (code: fa)
  • Ondřej Filip: Czech translation (code: cz)
  • Lyubomir Tsekov: Bulgarian translation (code: bg)
  • Andrea Riela & Vincenzo Reale: Italian translation (code: it)
  • Kyryl Tumanov from Kyiv, Ukraine: Ukrainian translation (code: uk)
  • Ninel Piroi from Bucharest, Romanian translation (code: ro)
  • Dionissys Anyfantis: Greek translation (code: gr)